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Siamese Ayutthaya, Thailand’s History Is a Site to Behold

The kingdom of Ayutthaya reigned from 1367 until 1767, and was once one of the richest cities in the East. Such a powerful Kingdom that extended into Burma, Cambodia, China, and parts of Vietnam. In fact, some of these areas still speak some Thai words, and the languages are no doubt convoluted versions of the Thai language. All over Europe, Ayutthaya was referred to as Siam. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya is well preserved. Visiting this city, you will see first hand the massive temples, structures, and stupas that still remain and in fairly decent condition, considering their ancient age.

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The Philippines Boasts 7,641 Islands, Wow!

Speaking of island paradise, no country on earth can top the Philippines Archipelagos island groups. The climate, the cost of living, its crystal blue waters, salt, sand, sea and surf. The islands are separated into 3 groups, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanoa, with only 2000 of these islands have inhabitants, over 5000 of those islands have no name, now that is truly incredible!

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Beautiful, Festive Friendly, and Historical Penang Malaysia

Penang Malaysia, separated in two, Penang Island and Peninsular Penang. Penang Island is also known as Georgetown, and Peninsular Penang is called Seberang Perai . Penang is located on the Malacca Strait. George Town a UNSECO World heritage site, and a rich tourist attraction. A multi-culture state, Penang is very diverse in languages, consisting of Malay, Chinese, English, and Indian.

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