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Yunakowa Japan, Hot Springs and Secluded Beaches

The Japanese macaques have become a huge part of this tourist destination. The long-faced monkey is sort of a mascot so to speak in Yunakowa. The lush botanical gardens are home to these monkeys, and seem to go hand-in-hand with Hokkaido. The botanical gardens are right smack on the beach which makes this a paradise on earth.

Hot Spring Mineral Baths

Hot mineral baths as well as foot baths are high priority things to do while here. The park has a place called Monkey Mountain, and as you might have guessed this is where the macaques are. You may purchase food at the gardens to feed the monkeys, and this is photo time folks. It is no secret that Japan has some of the most prestigious natural minerals baths in the world. Yunakowa is the top destination in Japan for mineral baths. Now that says a lot.

Botanical Gardens

During the winter season the botanical gardens are still able to display the beautiful flowers, trees and ornamental foliage in the green-house. This is no ordinary green-house and is designed specifically for tourists. The park hosts many special events, so, it is a great idea to plan your trip around one of the events.

Where is it?

The botanical gardens are only a 30-minute train ride from Yunakowa. Riding the bus is a popular way to get to the garden. For those who are not familiar with taxis in Japan, they can be expensive, but if you don’t mind it will take you only a few minutes by taxi.

The Beaches

Where is paradise? You will find that sitting on the beach in the cold winter in Yunakowa Japan is absolute heaven, especially while soaking in a hot natural mineral bath. What makes the beaches so special here is they are almost deserted. Life can be a beach so why not have one all to yourself? Looking out at a beach covered in snow in the freezing cold while soaking in a mineral is something only a few people in the world have a chance to experience.

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