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We Will Attend ITB Berlin 6-10 0f March 2019, we hope to see you there! (Part One)

ITB Berlin Convention Excitement is Abound


This will be the second ITB convention that we have attended in the past 3 years. The first was ITB Asia in Singapore, what an amazing experience that turned out to be.


We highly recommend ITB Asia as a wonderful experience, check it out here, https://www.itb-asia.com/ not only does travel experts have the chance to collaborate but exploring Singapore is on almost everyone’s travel list.


ITB Berlin


ITB Berlin boasts being the world’s biggest trade show, and we will be a part of that. Are you in the travel industry? You can check out their website here, https://www.itb-berlin.com/ITBBerlin/FactsFigures/



The ITB Berlin convention is divided into 180-plus countries and regions from around the world. We at AsiaRoom and Keys.me represent a part of the online hotel booking segment in SE Asia. A part of our blogging team will be there with eyes and ears wide open.


Our Team is Enthusiastic, Look for Us We Love Meeting New Friends


We are especially excited about the coming changes in the travel industry. ITB Berlin specializes in segmenting these different current innovative ideas. Knowing where to go to get the best out of the topics that we are interested in is more than enough to catch our attention.


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Shauna Pugh, living and working in SE Asia for 18 years, growing up in the travel industry the passion grew. the knowledge of a well seasoned traveler and travel industry Expert.


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