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Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and is located between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Places like Elliot Bay, and the Cascade Mountains is what makes Seattle so uniquely beautiful and worth visiting.



Seattle’s nickname is the Emerald City due to the evergreen trees painting the background emerald green. Surrounded by the Cascade and Olympic Mountains only adds to the stunning beauty of the city. Seattle is home to many pioneers of the world including, Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Nintendo of America, and Starbucks makes this place super unique and interesting.


Culturally diverse Seattle is home to immigrants from almost every corner of the world. So dive in, feel exceptionally welcomed and enjoy Seattle Washington.




Things to Do while in Seattle Washington




  • China Town International District


The food stalls, and vendors will make you feel as though you are in another country. See the Wing Luke Museum which is a tribute to the Asian American Pacific. There is even a museum dedicated to pinball of all things.


  • The Space Needle


Standing at 605 feet tall the Space Needle was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, and can be seen for miles. Rising up the elevator will afford you the observation deck with views of the city unmatched. The views of the Cascade Mountains, Elliot Bay, as well as Mount Rainier are astonishing.


  • The Museum of Pop Culture


The extensive collections of famous musicians, musical history, video games, horror movies, and pop culture. The list can go on and on but this is a must stop for all visitors to Seattle.


  • The Seattle Monorail


This is another piece of history from the World’s Fair. The monorail is a great way to see this cities major attractions. The monorail links the city center, Space Needle, and the Westlake Center, as well as many other popular places in Seattle.


  • The Pacific Science Center


Here is where you can see first-hand where things emerge from science. The planetarium is state of the art and a must see attraction, see a tropical butterfly house, and many more things that have brought technology to life.


  • Pike Place Market


This market is packed with vendors selling their products. The market is bustling with live street performances, musicians and magic tricks. The market is home to the very first Starbucks. There are so many interesting and fabulous things to see here.


  • The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum


This is where you can see the works of the famous glass blower Chihuly. The glass sculptures are mesmerizing to say the least. Some are very large and unimaginably beautiful. What an amazing talent to witness.


  • The Seattle Art Museum


This is the largest museum in Seattle, and was built in 1930. There is a free outdoor exhibit of sculptures from the World’s Fair. See works from around the globe as well as many local artists.


  • The Seattle Aquarium


See the cute sea otters scampering and playing. There are extensive amounts of sea creatures to let your mind wander over aquatic life. The aquarium is located on the waterfront which makes this and extra awesome experience.


  • Washington State Ferries


There are about 25 ferries bringing passengers to places like the Puget Sound, the Bainbridge Island, or Bremerton Island. Join in with other tourists in the fantastic sea journeys. This is a great way to have fun while on your way to have fun.


  • The Seattle Great Wheel


Super excellent Instagram moment where you ride the air-conditioned gondolas. The views of the city, ocean and mountains are unmatched.


  • The Museum of Flight


The museum houses the largest air and space collection in America. See some of Nasa’s space shuttles, Boeing aircraft, and do some flight simulator activities. See a decommissioned Air Force One this is a very cool and lots of fun.


  • Wine Tasting at Woodinville Wine Country


A small town just outside of Seattle that hosts over 100 different wineries. The wines here are top of the line, and sitting in the tasting rooms of each winery will no doubt leave you tipsy. Do not drive to this excursion for obvious reasons.


  • The Boeing Factory Tour


Located just outside of Seattle is your chance to tour a Boeing factory in operation. This is the world’s largest producer of 747’s, 777’s, and Dreamliner’s.


  • Pioneer Square


See Seattle’s original buildings, the underground tour takes you underneath the streets to witness the old buildings. There are lots of shops and restaurants underground to set the mood. The Pioneer Square is no doubt the spot to explore bars, restaurants, and unique boutique businesses. The Waterfall Garden Park makes this half day excursion a must see and do activity in Seattle.



Events in Seattle Washington


Seattle is well known for its special events, concerts and festivals. The Sea Fair, is a host of parade’s, street fairs, and festivals, and is held in July and the beginning of August. See the Blue Angels perform their famous stunts in the air. There are many events you will not see in other places of the world and one of those is hydroplane racing,


The Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival is held each Labor weekend. This festival hosts world renowned artist and musicians as well as lots of local talent.


The Northwest Folk Festival is held on Memorial Day is a bit like Bumbershoot but on a lower scale. This festival is free.


The Hemp Festival held in mid-March each year. The festival location is in Edwards Park. This is the biggest marijuana gathering in the world. There are many famous music acts, and food stalls.


Capitol Hill Block Party This live music even is held usually at the end of July. The vast majority of bands playing are local artists.


The Freemont Fair, a really strange nude bike ride parade. This festival is very fun and lots of alcohol is consumed here. There is of course live music, food and dance to enjoy.



As we have pointed out Seattle is a very eclectic and vibrant cultural city. The people of Seattle are very friendly and no doubt will make you feel welcome. Such a beautiful city and in close proximity to Canada makes Seattle feel like a different country than the rest of the United States.


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