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Vietnam's Boundless Beaches

Nha Trang

  • Nha Trang, this resort city, has many attractions to offer the beach goers in this Vietnamese paradise, Nha Trang A five-and-a-half-mile length of white sand paradise. Some of Vietnams top resorts and restaurants are dotted along this stunning white piece of SE Asian paradise. It is said that some call it the Riviera of the South China sea with islands abound.

Da Nang

  • Da Nang, just a few of the beach slices of heaven are in Da Nang, 1) Son Tra Hoi An. 2) Tien Sa BeachTien Sa Beach, located on the Son Tra Peninsula and is near Da Nang port, this is a glorious beach with very few tourists around. Here you will find many local fishing villages. The beautiful mountains consist of marble and are a natures wonder, Do take some time to visit the Cham Sculptures Museum and of course carvings of magnificent marble.

Phu Quoc

  • Phu Quoc, located in the Gulf of Thailand. This is Vietnams largest of islands. It is said that Vietnams best beaches are located here. A tropical forest that is lush green, and contains approximately 40 miles of this countries coast. This beach is a tropical paradise and the government is truly spending a lot of money on the island. There are numerous beach resorts and the Phu Quoc National Park.

Mui Ne

  • Mui Ne, this slice of historical paradise has about 14 miles of blinding white sand beaches to lay and soak up the sun. this beach is located in Phan Thiet, boasting a wide range of restaurants and shops, this tropical resort town will surely charm the avid beach goer, with kitesurfing; instilled with crimson colored sand dunes and awe inspiring natural rock formations.

Hoi An

  • Hoi An, offers a historical glimpse into Vietnam in what is called ancient town. Hoi An is a quiet beach with calm waters. Not a pristine white sand beach, but this little town has so much to offer, and is a step outside the norm of beach lovers. The people have a quiet peace and calm about them that exudes in its resorts and restaurants. If it is a calm relaxing trip you are needing Hoi an is the beach town of choice.

Vung Tau

  • Vung Tau, is located near Ho Chi Minh City there are two beaches, both offering delicious seafood delicacies, there is a must-see fish market in the area Bai Tam Duong Beach and Front Beach which is actually a bay area, but full of charm and lovely people. The natural beauty of this island is breath taking.

Ha Long Bay

  • Ha Long Bay, located on the Gulf of Tonkin this is one of Vietnams most popular beach destinations. Small islands speckled all about with limestone pillars jetting skyward, painted with forests, it designates a view only an artist could imagine. A World Heritage sight Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province.

Con Dao Islands

  • Con Dao Islands, the famous tiger cages are here where the Saigon Regime imprisoned political opponents, the buildings are still standing and open to the public. The Con Dao Archipelagos is the most beautiful and breath-taking area of Vietnam. Not an extremely developed area with lots of jungles, mountains, and cultural history here, there are old French Colonial homes still dotted about on the beaches It is a about a 45 minute flight to these islands. Light-houses, and rich in history this is a destination to be remembered if you are lucky enough to go there,

Lang Ko Beach

  • Lang Ko Beach, Arguably the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, but not only is it beautiful it contains a long history of Kings, thirteen to be exact, all from the Nguyen Dynasty the burial tombs of these kings are still there for your lesson in Vietnamese history.

Sam Son Beach

  • Sam Son Beach, located about 15 miles from Thanh Hoa City, one of the oldest seaside resort cities in Vietnam. Truang Le Mountain towers over the beach as f it were a mystical God protecting its beauty and people. With many historical buildings and stunning views, you can easily consume the reason it is a favorite of the Vietnamese people. Sam Son has also gathered the love for this destination spending immense amounts of money bringing the city to a modern state that blends perfectly with its history.

Quy Nhon

  • Quy Nhon, a large bustling spread out coastal city. The seaside is where most of the tourist love to congregate. The waterfront boasts hotels, markets, fishing boats, everything one could need for a vacation or long stay, guesthouses and hotels are just within a few blocks of the beach. Back-packers particularly like this area because of the close proximity to the city finding cheap accommodations just inside the town.



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