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Upcoming Tourist Excursions in Seoul, South Korea

Spring is here and with the new season comes new adventures. Which means new trips. Many tourists in South Korea often taken weekend trips because they work during the weekdays. Meaning that many trips are 1-3 day excursions that start on Friday or Saturday and usually end on Sunday. However, even those who don't live and work in South Korea can take part in these trips.


There are two primary small foreigner travel agencies that are used by western foreigners in South Korea. They are called Adventure Korea and WINK. They cater to English speakers, meaning the tour guides speak fluent Korean and near fluent English. Americans aren't the only ones using these companies. I've met South African, French, and Polish people to name a few who all spoke English and went on the trip.


Both companies have primary Facebook accounts making it easy to join and track upcoming events. Here are some of the upcoming tourist excursions in Korea.


Seoul Korea Tea Farm


1. Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival & Bike Tour Overnight (April 8th starting at 10:30pm)

2. Jindo Sea Parting Festival Plus (April 8th starting at 10:45pm)

3.            Korean Bullfight Festival (April 15th starting at 11:30pm)

4.            DMZ Tour of Both Areas with a North Korean Defector (April 23rd starting at 7:15am)

5.            Jeju in June (June 3rd starting at 11:30pm)


Adventure Korea

1.            Temple Stay & Apple Pie (April 16th starting at 9:00am)

2.            Bungee Jumping & Strawberry Farm Festival (April 23rd starting at 7:00am)

3.            Adventure Caving, Rafting, Flying, & Country Stay (April 30th starting at 7:00am)

4.            Butterfly Festival (April 30th starting at 10:00am)

5.            2nd Annual Craft Beer & Music Festival (May 14th starting at 11:00am)

6.            Sea Kayaking, Deep Sea Fishing, & Namhae Island Adventures (June 3rd starting at 11:00pm)

7.            Ullengdo & Dokdo Island (June 24th starting at 11:00pm)

Both agencies are very accessible and convenient to get in touch with. Below are some contact details in case you are personally interested. If you are interested in trips they require deposits and the bank account information of the tour company is provided on the following websites. You must read the fine print. These are popular agencies so if you are interested place a deposit as quickly as possible because they will fill up.


I also highly recommend emailing first before sending a deposit. Sometimes they are fully booked and when they refund you your money you will be charged a refund fee through PayPal or your Korean bank account.


Overall both have provided me great experiences. The tour guides for the most part are top notch who speak very well and articulate English. One man, William Cho from WINK even sounds like a native speaking Englishman. You are given a decent amount of autonomy to go and do as you wish. So for those independent types like myself this is perfect for you. Have no fear there are constant rest stops for water, food, and bathroom breaks. You can even ask and sometimes they will stop if you ask.


Enjoy your next trip, it is totally worth it!

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