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Toronto Canada a Cultural Melting Pot, AsiaRoom and's Top North American Holiday Destination.

This magical city is packed with cultural and local attractions that will no doubt satisfy even the most seasoned traveler. From Chinatown, Koreatown, as well as many other cultural areas you will find a place to call home. The amusement parks and shopping districts will have you scurrying to your next destination in haste.


An Extensive List of Places to See and Things to Do In Toronto

The Art Gallery of Ontario

The gallery has close to 100,000 items in its collection that dates back 2,000 years. The indigenous art collection is extensive and very impressive. There are also European collections with the likes of Rembrandt, Picasso, and other well-known artist.


Scarborough Bluffs

Located on the east side of Lake Ontario this is an awe inspiring view of over nine miles of cliffs. There are over 11 parks in the area. If hiking is on your agenda then Scarborough Bluffs is the place for you. You may also enjoy the beach at Bluffers Park. If hiking is not your cup of tea driving up to the bluffs is easy.


Casa Loma

Toronto has a very odd castle and is very popular among tourist. Built in 1914 and now is a museum. This castle gets very busy so be prepared to deal with lots of tourists. There are underground pools and secret passages throughout the mansion.



Tiff Bell Light Box and Movie Theater

This is the headquarters of the Toronto International Film Festival. There are 5 cinemas, all modern and state of the art. Do note this is not only a movie theater but also an entertainment complex. There are onsite restaurants a film library, gallery and condominiums.


St Lawrence Market

The most popular market in Toronto, with lots of fresh produce and meats. Dating back to 1845 this market has grown immensely. There is an onsite cooking school, so you can shop the market and learn to cook the local cuisine.


CN Towers

This is one of Toronto’s most notable landmarks and stands at 1,815 feet above ground. This is noted as the tallest structure in world. This is a very popular attraction hosts observation decks and restaurants for a once in a lifetime view. The highest wine cellar in the work is here, the famous Edge-walk is a thrilling experience stepping outside at such a high altitude.


Royal Ontario Museum

Established in 1912 and boasts a whopping 5 museums. The museums display everything from, archaeology, paleontology, mineralogy, and geology. The museum also covers natural and cultural exhibits.


Aga Khan Museums

This park is situated on 17 acres of land, and was designed by Fumihiko Maki, and is the first museum in North America dedicated to Islamic art. There is a 1,000 piece permanent collection as well as rotating displays from countries like Saudi Arabia, and others.


Toronto Islands

Located just off the coast of Toronto you will find 820 acres of vehicle free nature. There are people living on the islands but very few. On the islands you will find beaches, parks, gardens, café’s, yacht clubs, and an amusement park.


High Park

This is the largest public park in Toronto, sitting on over 400 acres of land. The themed gardens are a nice attraction while getting a bit of relaxation. There is an onsite zoo, swimming pools, and ice skating rinks for your outdoor pleasure.


Toronto Science Center

There is a tornado machine, a rainforest, and a sound proof tunnel this is a must visit for those interested in science.


Spadina House

This 1860 historical piece of Toronto is a mansion is free to visit but viewing the inside there is a fee.


Black Creek Pioneer Village

This is a historical site from the 19th century, there are actors onsite dressed in period clothing which makes this an interesting stop. There are close to 40 buildings in the town and a great chance to get some really nice Instagram shots.


Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

The aquarium is owned by Ripley Entertainment, and is well done with a walk through tank to spark your aquatic imagination.


The Lakefront and Harbor Front

This area has walking and biking trails so renting a bike to explore these areas is a really neat way to see Toronto. There are many culture events held here adding to the experience. The festivals and entertainment is world class.


Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park

This is one of North America’s top theme parks and certainly will not disappoint. There are over 200 attractions in the park.


Little Italy

There are lots of coffee shops and café’s to enjoy a taste of Toronto’s Italian scene.



This area of the city has a high population of ethnic Chinese and the perfect chance to have a go at some authentic cuisine, as well as some infused dished. This is said to be one of the largest concentrations of ethnic Chinese in North America.


Little India

This is where you can get some authentic Indian cuisine in this bustling slice of India in Toronto.


Greek Town

A very nice selection of Greek restaurants will be found in this area. Once a year the Danforth festival is held in the area with lots of Greek cultural and foods to amaze you.


Korea Town

This area in Toronto is mostly retail oriented, Korean grocers, and restaurants abound. There are Karaoke shops crammed with younger Korean’s having a go at their vocal abilities



Of course Toronto has much more to offer but this list will no doubt send you to the most sought after attractions in this marvelous multi-cultural city. Be sure to check the weather for the times you travel to Toronto, it can be frigid cold to moderately cool depending on the season.

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