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Separated by the South China Sea-Peninsular Malaysia, and East Malaysia, Peninsular Malaysia shares a border with Thailand both land and sea borders, in the North a sea border with Singapore, there are also sea borders with Vietnam and Indonesia, which also shares a land border, on the East side of Malaysia, there is also shared land and sea borders with Brunei, and sea border with the Philippines. Now how much more fantastic can it get?


Gunung Mulu

A popular destination for rock climbers and cave exploration. Gunung Mulu National park is one of the most soul touching natural attractions in South East Asia, it is located in Malaysian Borneo and the Sarawak state. Explore caves that are reportedly some of the longest caves in the world, this area does contain the largest cave in the world.


Kota Bahru

Located near the Thailand border this is a heavily cultural dotted marketplace. The attractions are the culture and cuisine, as well as the Central Market, with coffee shops and restaurants surrounded about. Here is a great stopover on a travel to Malaysia via Thailand by train.



Lankawi, is an islanders dream paradise with almost 100 islands dotted with mountains, rain forests, and some of the most stunning beaches on earth. Here you will find resorts and many tourist attraction,  and restaurants abound. The archipelagos have a special place in its soul in Langkawi.



Considered one of the number one places to visit in Malaysia. A modern bustling city culture abound with cuisine from many of the surrounding countries. Melaka’s heritage is deep and still has the old Dutch architecture in almost every corner. In Melaka you will see old forts from the Portuguese times of settling here.


The Cameron Highlands

Located in the Titiwangsa Mountains. here you can find the country’s oldest tourist spots. In this mountain region you will also find a nature lovers dream paradise of gardens, lakes, jungles; outdoor adventures, and recreational activities. There are golf courses, resorts and restaurants in this unbelievably cool climate.



The largest city in the Borneo Islands, is a lush tropical rainforest. A huge offering for tourists such as historical monuments, recreational activities, as well as markets abound. The Sarawak River is where the city is positioned. This city boasts the Astana Palace with a roof that is dome like. This city also has a planetarium as well as Fort Margherita.



 Located in Western Malaysia Penang is a very popular place for SE Asian visitors as they know the feel of paradise exists in this trade rich history packed island. Georgetown is here people surely you have heard of it. Being such a historical shipping zone, the imagination is right when it come to culture. Dotted with British colonial architecture, as well as temples from China and India.


 Last but Not Least Kuala Lumpur

Over the past 2 centuries Kuala Lumpur has developed into one the most amazing and beautiful cities in SE Asia. It is impossible to determine the amount of cultures here but the Chinese definitely have a huge standing ground here. Kuala Lumpur is now the capital of Malaysia. A huge metropolis yet stunning in cleanliness and new architectural sky scrapers. Some of the finest restaurants and coffee shops are almost everywhere in this amazing city. China town is a must see, as well as the twin tower skyscrapers, named the Petronas Towers.

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