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The Top 5 Budget Destinations That Pack a Punch in SE Asia by AsiaRoom and KeysMe

It Is True You Can Do This for a Few Hundred Bucks

It is true that you can travel SE Asia for a few hundred bucks a month. It is true that one can eat for a day on about 6 bucks. It is also true that a traveler can find accommodations for around 10 dollars a night.



A person needs to consider their standards of living back home, and judge what it is they can live without for a while. A few examples are: We all have to eat, and do bear in mind the SE Asian diet is far from what you are used to back home. Do not expect a spotlessly clean room, nor an air-conditioned room for 10 dollars a night. There are places however, but it is best to be prepared for far less. Another amenity you must be prepared to fore-go is bathrooms, most places with prices this cheap will have standards far less than you would expect. Now do bear in mind you could be quite surprised and lucky with your room choice. Most Asian’s are ridiculously clean when it comes to interiors, some not so much, so choose where you stay carefully and enjoy.


The Food

Not everything is spicy, and by far not everything is healthy. Eating in the little road side make-shift restaurants are absolutely fun, and an experience where you are likely to meet friends. The food is delicious and for the most part clean and well prepared. Also the many local markets are an excellent place to buy food to take back to your room. Fresh fruits, veggies, as well as cooked foods are cheap and in abundance. You will be tempted to eat at local restaurants that are set-up the same as they are in the US, but you will pay substantially more.



You must bear in mind that every person who is in business has to make money, and running an accommodation business can be expensive. Foregoing the amenities like new sheets, toiletries, fresh coffee, and tea, microwaves, and such you will not find for those prices. You may find a hair on the floor, on your sheets, or on the table, but it is almost a guarantee everything has been cleaned. If you have germ-a-phobia, go and buy your own cleaning supplies and clean it yourself. Do not embarrass yourself and complain. You ordered it and you pay for it, and no refunds. That’s the rules.


Getting Around

SE Asian public transportation is brilliant. Everyone has access, even in remote destinations. Not all of it is public, and for the vast majority is not as safe as you are used to back home. Rickshaws, Sawngtaews, motorbikes, trucks buses, and airplanes all make up a system and network of transportation in SE Asia. Air travel and buses generally will be the same standards you are used to back home possibly even better. The exception will be some buses are highly likely going to make you realize you are in a 3rd world country. Most long distance buses that carry you from city to city will make you very happy and comfortable, but the cheaper and more remote buses will definitely give you a lifetime experience. Vans are also popular in SE Asia and usually operated by private companies. The vans are mostly new and monitored by the governments.


Haggling For Prices

Just don’t do it. It is ridiculous, and makes you look cheap. These people are poor, and it is an extreme insult to try and haggle down a price that is already below standards. The people of SE Asia do not haggle for prices, and will look at you in the worst way imaginable Just don’t do it. If you are not happy with a price move on to the next shop or seller.


The Top Five Destinations In SE Asia

5.       Vientiane Laos

4.       Pokhara Nepal

3.       Hoi An Vietnam

2.       Chiang Mai Thailand

1.       Hanoi Vietnam



All of these listed cities will definitely give you the holiday experience of a lifetime. If you have never been to SE Asia it would be a good idea for you to start in either Vietnam or Thailand first, as these are the most developed countries, and tourists have already beaten the path for you. All of these countries are majority Buddhist so do bear in mind Asian’s accept anyone, and their religion as long as it does not threaten their comfortable way of life. Be polite at all times, never raise your voice, and smile. By following these tips you will most certainly enjoy your Holiday, and more than likely will gain some new lifetime friends.

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