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The Fascinating Ancient History of Hyderabad India

Historically Hyderabad India was and still is a diamond and pearl trading hub, and was dubbed the name City of Pearls. Many of the ancient Bazaars are still in operation today. These Bazaars are a wonderful site to see, the Laad, Begum, and Sultan Bazaars are still in operation and there for your enjoyment.

The old city is located on the South side of the river, and the new city is located on the northern banks. The majority of the historical buildings are located on the southern side in the old city. The old Bazaars and palaces are a must visit while in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has many beautiful city parks and recreation areas to visit, and are mostly located north of central Hyderabad. Lumbini, Indira, and Tankbund Parks, as well as NTR Gardens are all nice places to relax and get away for a bit.

The oldest building in Hyderabad is the Golcanda Fort dating back to the 16th century. The Charminar and the Golconda fort are both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Other Important and Historical Sites in Hyderabad

·         Falaknuma, Cowmahalla, and Bella Vista Palaces: The architecture of the palaces are a site to see and photograph. The gardens are very well kept and makes for a nice visit and a few Instagram moments.

·         Charminar: built in 1592 and is a great chance to see more than one site at the same time, and is actually connected to the Golcanda markets.

·         Mecca Masjid Mosque: This is said to be one of the biggest and oldest mosques in India. A USESCO World Heritage Site. This mosque is so big it can house up to 10,000 people at once.

·         Salar Jung National Museum: There is an amazing collection of so many items from ancient cultures ranging from, clocks, and furniture, to paintings and sculptures. It is impossible to list all of the items but definitely a stop to make. This museum is one not one to be missed.

·         ChowMahalla Palace: The start of construction was in 1750 and completed in 1869 there is an amazing clock here that has been running for over 250 years now. The gardens and courtyard are astonishingly beautiful and adorned with statues and fountains.

With an extreme mix of modern and historical, it is no secret that this city is one of India’s most sought after tourist attractions. The city sits at just under 2000 feet above sea level and has many lakes and dams to enjoy. A modern medical science hub has attracted a very diverse culture that makes Hyderabad an attractive place to visit. Hyderabad India is unique and certainly a holiday for the record books. Accommodations in the city range from the very cheap budget hostels to the most expensive and high-end hotels.

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