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Europe is a diverse and an interesting place where the world’s greatest cultures and civilizations originated. It envelops both the largest and the smallest countries in the world i.e. Russia and the Vatican City respectively. It is famed for its mountain ranges be it the Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe or the Mount Vesuvius.


On the cooler side, it has the mighty Alps that attract around 200 million visitors every year who fall head over heels in love with its wildlife, landscape, history and its challenging fierce beauty. It stretches 1,200 km/750 miles across eight countries. It is the youngest range of mountains in Europe highlighting its crude, jagged and dramatic horizons.





Many people endeavored to surmount the Alps. Many mighty peaks were first climbed during the mid-1800s when life was all about mountaineering. In today’s time, modern equipment has become a very helpful aid in assisting people to conquer the highest peaks. Every year more than 2,000 travelers ascend to the top of the Matterhorn which is considered to be the most difficult climb.


The Alps has also hosted Winter Olympics more than once with countries like Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany. Other than this, owing to its unique and specific wildlife, it attracts flower enthusiasts, environment conservationists, researchers, bird watchers and photographers from all over the world.


The Alps have a highland climate. Valleys sit at a comfortable temperature, although higher areas are colder than valleys and receive more rainfall and snow as cold air is incapable of holding moisture as good as warm air.


The valley is rich and comprises vast stretches of green pastures, beech and oak trees, all growing in the lower regions of the Alps. They all come in the category of deciduous trees. The higher areas are dominated by spruce, fir and pine trees. One can also treat their eyes to the beautiful alpine meadows, mosses, shrubs and unique specie of flowers like the Edelweiss


Hiking in the Alps


July is the best time to for hiking in the Alps. The conditions are perfect with wildflowers and alpine meadows with lush green cover. Everything seems to glisten at this month of the year with shimmering waterfalls and long days that you wish would never end.


The perfect appetite in the Alps


After treading a treacherous path, be sure to feed that appetite with some of the famous delicacies of the Alps. Enlisted below are the top three mouth-watering yet healthy alpine comfort food dishes-




Eat cheese while saying cheese. Fondue literally means ‘melted’ in French. It is a blend of 2-3 different cheese depending on the type of recipe. It will tingle your taste buds leaving a rich, warm aftertaste. It’s a perfectly complete dish that can be enjoyed with your loved ones on a cool summer night. The fondue meal is usually served with sides of salad and charcuterie.




Cheese is all that’s needed. Tartiflette goes well with potatoes, bacon, Reblochon cheese and refreshing lettuce salad. Even Tartiflette pizza is a common cuisine that leaves your senses tantalized.




It is sinfully delicious square shaped pasta. It can be served with a side salad with a spicy seasoning. Boiled eggs and beaufort cheese adds to its savory taste




Apart from all the attractions, the food, etc. what makes visiting the Alps an unforgettable experience is the scenic beauty! Everywhere you look, you’re mesmerized by the tranquility of this place. One just can’t get enough of this magnificent place, brimming with positivity!






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