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Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world. Some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found on earth is here. The towns and cities appear as they were a century ago. Experience nature at its best in this Australian island state.


Tasmania is over 200 miles south of the Australian mainland. There are over 300 hundred islands surrounding Tasmania. The largest city Hobart, holds almost half of Tasmania’s population. Close to half of the land mass in Tasmania is protected by the government.


The island is said to have evidence of indigenous people some forty-thousand years ago. The Aboriginal tribes were separated from the mainland of Australia right at ten-thousand years ago. The British settled in Tasmania in 1803.


Places To See in Tasmania


  • Hobarts Seaside: The place to have the freshest seafood in Hobart. It is so picturesque it will mesmerize you. There are floating markets, and restaurants.

  • Hobart Salamanca Market: This is the most sought after spot in Tasmania with some 50,000 visitors each weekend. Each Saturday morning the vendors are set-up for your shopping pleasure. Located at the waterfront, some 400 sellers hawk their wares and souvenir’s. The food at the market is absolutely mouth-watering. The parks and gardens make for a wonderful place to picnic on your food purchases. There are some really cool bars and restaurants in the area to indulge in Tasmania’s exceptional lifestyle.

  • Mount Wellington: Acts like an artist background to Hobart. Driving to the top of the mountain is possible and well worth it. If you do go in the winter months the mountain will be snow peaked.

  • Mona Estate and Museum: this museum of art is privately owned and one of the top art museums in the world. The museum is unique by the fact that they use sound and light that makes the art come alive and twinkles your senses.

  • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary: Here is where you will see the infamous Tasmanian Devil. This cute little animal is protected and on the endangered list.

  • Huan Valley: The highlight of this site is the jet-boat rides on the Huon River.

  • Tahune Air Walk: This is a must see as you can do hang-gliding by cable, walk among the tree-tops as well as some picturesque hiking.

  • Hasting’s Caves and Hot-Springs: There are two sites to see here, the caves are quite impressive, and the hot springs pool is fabulous especially in the wintry months. This is an actual swimming pool connected to the springs. (Located about an hour and a half drive from Hobart.)

  • The Town of Richmond: About a half hours drive from Hobart this historical town will send you back in time. The oldest bridge in Australia is here as well as some pretty interesting colonial buildings. The restaurants and shops are adorable in their antique stings and buildings.

  • Maria Island National Park: Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Darlington Prison, you will have to take a ferry to get to the island, the beaches are very beautiful and pristine here. You will likely get a glimpse of the Kangaroos while here as well as many other species native to Australia.



Tasmania is a Jewel of Australia


There are many other cute and fun towns in Tasmania, and most, well worth the visit. The wineries produce some of the best Australian wines, so having a day or two of wine tasting should be on your list of things to do while in Tasmania. It is indescribable the nature and scenery in Tasmania and does make the top lists of places to see often.


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