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When most people think of Singapore, the idea of Sky-scrapers and business suits come to mind. By far is this island country left with nothing to do as far as activities. From extreme sports to theatres being on the low list of activity countries is far from the truth.



A Fairly Comprehensive First-Hand Singaporeans Guide to Singapore.


In no particular order, here are recommendations by a local Singaporean, with activities ranging from extreme sports to romantic get-a-ways. If you are travelling on business or simply just fascinated by the culture, you are likely in for a surprise.


  • Asian Civilization Museum: There is no charge to access this cultural display of the Singaporean people.

  • Bollywood Veggies: One of Singapore’s hidden treasures, a real farm you can even try food from the vegetables grown there. A nice break from city life, the fruits and vegetables are delicious.

  • Botanical Gardens: With free admission one cannot go wrong here, but do bear in mind the orchid garden will cost you five bucks. This place is special in the fact that you can bring your own picnic basket, a favorite past time of the locals.

  • Changi Airport: Airport you say, yes indeed $13 will get you in the pool as well as the jacuzzi, the airport also boosts a free movie theater, nature trails and a cactus garden, as well as a butterfly garden.

  • Changi Chapel: A museum that honors fallen soldiers, housing war relics, with a cinema showing videos about the war and prisoners of war. Read actual letters from war heroes. A little sad but indeed an eye-opening experience.

  • Adventure Cove Waterpark: With loads of rides, there is a reason why this place is considered Singapore’s number one adventure park, with pools and swimming, snorkeling with fish.

  • Forest Adventure Park: An obstacle course that to me seemed rather challenging, rock climbing, free fall jumps. Being so high in the tree tops safety is of no concern as the facility prides itself on the top-notch safety equipment. Last but not least the zipline is breath-takingly fun.

  • Flight Experience: A little pricey but where else can you do a flight simulator? Fly a Boeing 747, the cool part is the instructors are real pilots

  • Flea Markets: If shopping on a budget seems fun to you Singapore has cool and quirky shopping spots.


  1. Scape Bazaar: Open every weekend

  2. Maad Pajamas: A market with artists their works and clothing designers

  3. Zouks Flea and Easy: This market is almost like a festival it only happens once every three months so the timing has to be right.

  4. Haji and Erskine Lanes: an odd street with some really neato shops and is located close to China-town. The cool part is you start in old China-town take Haji and Erskine streets and end up in New China-town.




  • Haw Par Villa: Well we will keep this short and call it the red-light district.

  • IFly Singapore: Get the experience of sky-diving it is scary for first timers and an adrenaline rush for the extreme thrill seekers.

  • Jurong Bird Park: Located just behind the Singapore Zoo, a vast variety of birds from around the world, the park is a natural environment enclosed in netting with hiking trails and an amazingly high man-made waterfall.

  • Kinetics Climbing Gym: Learn rock climbing from the pros before you know your map will contain places to climb. The climbs range from professional to learning.

  • Lego-Land Theme Park: This parent and kid’s attraction is not actually in Singapore, but in Malaysia only 20 minutes’ drive from the border not a difficult journey and border security is quite familiar with travelers. A nicely done family theme park, both parents and children get a break from each other.

  • Mount Faber: Catch a mesmerizing view of Singapore do note this is a heavy tourist traffic area.

  • Mac-Ritchie Reservoir Park: A strikingly beautiful park reserve, that takes a good hike to reach. Do the famous Tree Top Walk, a suspension bridge that sways amidst the tree tops.

  • Nature Pulau Ubin Island: It takes a small boat ride with really cheap prices to arrive, it is said this is the last habited island to be developed in Singapore. A super nice place to rent a bicycle for the day.

  • Mega-Zip: It starts out climbing a tower on the highest point of Sentosa Island, what a super thrill ride.

  • Marina Bay Sands Sky-Park: An amazing place with indoor parks a sky-view, and many other attractions one generally never sees inside of a building.

  • Quay-Side Isle: Singapore’s up-scale neighborhood with buildings and homes that appear out of a magazine. Uppity restaurants and sops dotted about with super hi-so yacht harbor.

  • Sentosa Wave-House: Get a wave baby and indoor wave pool the absolute coolest ever experience.

  • Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve Park: The animals are free roaming an absolutely amazing place to spend time.

  • Singapore Islands Bars: Here you will find things you never though existed in Singapore.



And That is a Short List People


So, there you have a list to get you started. Oh, and believe me there is much more, and new places being developed as we speak, one thing Singaporeans are good at, that is having fun. Enjoy your stay in this beautiful one of a kind South East Asian island nation.


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