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Prague Europe’s Most Charming City

Walking in Prague feels like stepping back into time, with ancient castles, cathedrals, and historic bridges. A stroll across Charles Bridge affords the most spectacular view of the Prague Castle. The Vtava River will mesmerize you with its views as the swans decorate the river banks.


The medieval city center with its gold spiked towers, cobble stone roads, courtyards, and ninth century castles are the picture of a perfect holiday destination. Prague is a mix of ancient and modern full of robust energetic music, culture, art, and fine dining.


Top 10 Places to Visit While in Prague


·         Prague Castle

This is the largest and most ancient castle in the world as noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. The castle towers over the city in a God like fashion. Hosting lookout towers, palaces and museums you can begin to fathom the magnitude of its size. The Royal Gardens are like no other in the world and sends your state of mind into a dream like trance. Be sure to catch the changing of the guards, every hour on the hour.

·         The Church of Our Lady Before Tyne

This church morphs the old town square with is gothic architecture and jutting spires. The interior of the church is simply breathtaking.

·         Vinohradsky Pavillion

This old market was converted into Prague’s first shopping center. The building dates back to the 12th century. Lots of shopping options from modern to fine arts. A must visit place in Prague.

·         The Church of St Nicholas

Located in the old city district of Mala Strana, this baroque style architectural design is striking. The dome made of copper is seen from all over Prague.

·         Josefov Jewish District

Here is the ,remain of the Jewish Ghetto, and hosting the Jewish Museum, made up of 6 synagogues, the Jewish Town Hall, and an old cemetary.

·         Vysehrad Castle

The castle dates back to the 10th century and is an enormous complex with many historical sites to see. Within the complex you will see the Rotunda of St Martin, St Peter Church, and St Paul Church.

·         The Astronomical Clock

This is one of Prague’s most visited tourist attractions, and is located in the Old town Square. This clock not only measures time, but also the moon phases, equinoxes, and the zodiac calendar.

·         The Charles Bridge

This bridge was constructed after the 1324 floods of Prague. The bridge was named after Charles IV. This ancient bridge is so popular there is constant foot traffic from locals as well as tourist, and affords the most spectacular views of Prague.

·         The St Vitus Cathedral

The spires of the cathedral overtake the Prague skyline with muscle. Onsite you will find a museum, and a treasure chamber. This cathedral is where the Archbishop of Prague was crowned.


As you have likely concluded by now the city of Prague lives up to its name and glory. The reason its historical infrastructure is so intact is that it was mostly untouched during the war. How can a holiday possibly go wrong with so many ancient sites, and a modern infrastructure disappoint?

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