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First hand knowledge is always the best right? Pattaya is like all other major tourist destination in the world, they all have less than modest areas to visit, Pattaya is no different. This article will point out the beauty of a city tarnished with an infamous red-light district image.



Pattaya Is for Families Too


From Jomtien Beach, past the red-light district-Walking Street, to high end resorts, and condos dotted along the coastline, let us take a look at those places families with children laugh and play. No doubt Pattaya Beach and the immediate areas are not for children but there are family friendly locations and Jomtien beach is exactly that spot with guesthouses, resorts, and boutique hotels everywhere.



Where to See Great Things in Pattaya



  • Jomtien Beach: salty ocean air beach life decorated with coconut trees, fresh seafood venders and umbrellas, kite surfing, jet skis and more. A very safe and family oriented beach.



  • Pattaya Yacht Charters: charter a speed boat with a captain to many of the islands off Pattaya beach. Charter a Cruiser, Motor Yacht, or Fishing Boat with captain and crew, they even cook your meals while you explore deserted islands, watersports, and snorkeling. Go to monkey island and feed the monkeys on an island tour, simply just visiting different islands. Yacht charters in Thailand are very cheap with top of the line boats and crew, trust me on this one you will not be disappointed.




  • Nong Nooch Village: with a flare of real Thai culture, enjoy a beautiful orchid garden, a zoo, Thai Boxing, as well as an elephant show.



  • Pattaya Park: an actual amusement park with roller coasters, a water park, water park tower for stunning views of Pattaya as well as a Ferris Wheel.




  • Four Regions Floating Market: an authentic Thai experience, one can see rice fields as well as purchase wares at Thai prices. See traditional Thai homes, handcrafted wicker items, and the kite museum.



  • Underwater World: you can actually stay here overnight, dive with sharks and many different marine life species. Feed the sharks and otters.




  • The Sanctuary of Truth: a first-hand glimpse into Thai architecture, intricate wood carvings. The sanctuary hosts Thai live culture shows, Thai boxing, or on an elephant trek, horse-back riding, as well as boat riding. Miniature Bangkok displays, as well as other world attraction displayed in miniature form.



Credit Where Credit is Due


These are just a few of the family things to do in Pattaya. As a person who raised a child in Pattaya I can vouch on this one. Pattaya has shopping malls, high end restaurants as well as many other attractions and family oriented places to visit.


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