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From Mardi Gras to Halloween, every holiday is a magical time to don a costume. If there is not a scheduled holiday this city will create one.


New Orleans is historical, and the well preserved buildings of the French Quarter feels like you have stepped off in a time zone and landed in France.


The French Quarter


Ah, the New Orleans French Quarter has a reputation, and certainly lives up to its name. The city is located on a bend on the mighty Mississippi River. The river walk extends from the French Quarter and has a beautiful walking or jogging track that is well maintained. It is in this area where the paddle wheel is located; catch a nice jazz dinner cruise, a cold beer and tour the river. The nightlife in the French Quarter is something to remember and extends well on into the next day; in fact some of the bars never close. Live music is dotted throughout the entire area. Catch some jazz, Cajun Zydeco, blues rock or dance it is all here in full swing. During the day the French Quarter is magical with street bands, and horse drawn carriages, you many even catch a line dance or two. This city never sleeps. The great Harrah’s Casino is within walking distance. See street performers, catch a famous musician on one of the stages, or get lucky and walk in a bar and be awed by a famous musician. This is the way this city rolls.


Mardi Gras


It is true everything you have ever heard about this celebration. The city stops in its tracks for this festival. Drinking, debauchery, costumes, and just outright all day fun. If you have not experiences Mardi in the New Orleans French Quarter you simply are not living life to its fullest.


Charming and So Much More


There are many activities outside the French Quarter. The famous St Charles Avenue, is where the architectural beauty is. Some of the most famous architects in the world have designed and built homes here. The infamous Audubon Zoo is on St Charles Avenue, an enormous garden complex where the animals live in their simulated environments. The famous French market, located between the river and the French Quarter is an absolute must see. Pick up on souvenirs fresh fruits and veggies, or stop by the famous Café Dumonde, for coffee, and their so popular friend baguets. Charm, this is New Orleans and it is forever nonstop fun.


Lake Ponchartrain


The great Lake Ponchartrain is in New Orleans, a 28 mile wide lake that ends into the Gulf of Mexico. Hang out at one of the yacht clubs on race night who knows you may get to join in, the people of New Orleans are friendly that way.


The Food


Everyone knows the food of New Orleans is the most delicious and unique world renowned cuisine. From gumbo, crawfish etoufe’ to shrimp, crabs and oysters on the half shell. Some of the most famous chefs in the world are here creating artful and delicious dishes every day. New Orleans is about food.


This City


Is known world-wide and for good reason it is a world class city. A place for sinners and saints. The charm of New Orleans will draw you back as it does so many millions of travelers each year. The hotels range from first class five star, to hostels and guesthouses. It is easy to find cheap accommodations and rooms in New Orleans.


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