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Mumbai, India by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

Mumbai has the densest population in India, located on the Konkan West coast of India. Mumbai consists of India’s wealthiest. Made up of 7 islands that were joined together, Mumbai was once only a fishing community. Today Mumbai is one of India’s major seaports in the Arabian Sea.


Mumbai has an ancient history going back centuries, as in most of India the historical sites are preserved very well. With Mumbai housing India’s wealthiest people, one can just about imagine the display of bling and jewel written everywhere in its modern-day state.


How to Find the Most Significant Historical Places.


With a city built up to modern-day state, trying to find those treasures from times long ago can be a challenge to say the least; reason being is there are so many ancient places, finding the major attractions requires first-hand knowledge. Mumbai receives millions of tourists annually, so let’s make this the trip for memories, with photographs to bring back home having profound meaning.


Historical Sites Recommend by AsiaRoom


  • Asiatic Library: An out-standing display of Roman architecture, this ancient building is over two-hundred years old. This library contains documented history called the Bombay Asiatic Society.

  • Afghan Church of Mumbai: This important piece of Mumbai history was built by the British in between 1834 and 1845. The reason the name Afghan is in the name of the church is it was built in respect to the thousands of soldiers lost in the Afghan war.

  • Babulnath Temple: Built between 1770 and 1785, the stairs to the temple is quite intense, however there is a lift for a small fee. The temple was built here upon the discovery of ancient idols at the site.

  • Church Gate District: The fort was built by the British and served as an entrance to the church.

  • Chatrapati Shivaii Maharaj Terminus: This UNESCO World Heritage attraction is a rail terminal that is still in service. Dating back more than 130 years and is located in southern Mumbai. The structure is unbelievably large and site to behold, it is very difficult to imagine that it is still operational today.

  • Elephant Caves: These UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located on an island off the coast of Mumbai, and is a series of caves, you will have to take a boat to get there. There are two types of caves here, Buddhist and Hindu dating back between the fifth and eighth centuries.

  • Gateway of India: This very popular tourist attraction constructed over a century ago. This building is massively tall and perplexing as to how it still stands today.

  • Haji Ali Dargah Mosque and Tomb: Located on a tiny island off the coast of Mumbai dates back more than 6 centuries, uniquely there is a walking path from Mumbai that gives the site visit a, awesome experience.

  • Holy Name Cathedral: Built in 1905 many of the Vatican’s Popes have donated items such pipe organs and art-work.

  • Jain Temple: Built in 1904 eye colorful and ornate sculptures and paintings, the ceiling of the temple is the main attraction a painted zodiac design.

  • Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue: Built in 1884 a nominaol fee will get inside where the most astounding photos may be taken, be sure you catch the sun rays as the dance across this wonder of human architecture.

  • Kanheri Caves and Sanjay National Park: Here there are scripts dating back to the 1st through the tenth centuries. You will Buddhist statues carved from the caves stone compositions.

  • Mumbadevi Temple: Mumbai had its name changed from Bombay and chose to name itself after this temple, that in itself shows the spiritual significance of the city. The temple was destroyed in 1737. This temple is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Mumbai, there is a very busy market around the temple which contributes to the over-crowded state.

  • Mount Mary Church: Tis church is more than 3 centuries old.

  • Mahim Fort: No one knows who built this church, however the fact that it survived numerous attacks attests to the fact of its design and strength.

  • St Thomas Cathedral: Some the most intricate stained-glass art-work is inside of this church. The church was constructed between 1716 and 1718. This churches tower and clock are a reminder of the British Colonial days.

  • Taj Mahal Hotel: More than a century has passed since its construction, this magnificent structure has significant meaning for many not only its history but the place of the bombing we remember all too well.

  • Siddhivinayak Temple: Dating back 2 centuries this temple showcases a roof made of gold this temple is very famous with significant meaning to the Indian people.


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