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Of course well plan to kick around in the white sands of Miami Beach, and splash around in the turquois blue sea, but Miami also has places to see, and things to do while taking a beach break.



The night life in Miami is top class, and the beach parties are incomparable to any other. Miami also has a very nice art, garden, museum, and activity scene. We have listed some of our favorites and likely not highly publicized fun attractions. The restaurants are world class, and the shopping will no doubt leave you pleased about your holiday in fantastic Miami Florida.



Vizcaya Museum & Gardens


This estate was built a century ago, and is one of the most photographed and filmed works of real-estate in Miami. This is where you should wear those high society clothes and take the photos of a lifetime.


The Miami Seaquarium


Be prepared for one of the most amazing shows and interactions with sea life and humans on earth. See the dolphin show, Sea Lion’s waving hello, and the famous killer whale.


Wat Buddharangsi (Thai Buddhist Temple)


The monks do live here and it is imperative that one remains quiet and respectful while here. All are welcome to join in the ceremonies, or simply meditate alone in the garden. If you are lucky enough to arrive during a Thai holiday then here is the place to be amazed.


Fairchild Botanical Garden


This is one of the most immaculately manicured and cleanest gardens you will ever encounter. This is one of the most beautiful gardens in Florida.


Pretty gardens are hard to come by in scorching-hot Miami, so we’re extra grateful for places like Fairchild, whose diligent groundskeepers and volunteers keep it looking fresh and verdant year-round. Not one for greenery? Visit during the annual chocolate festival—a delicious event dedicated to all things cocoa.


The Deering Estate


If you love natural settings then you will enjoy this estate. Onsite you will find ancient American Indian burial grounds, mangroves, salt water marshes. The site is set on over 400 acres and is a definite pleasure to enjoy.



Far less flashy than brother James’s Vizcaya, Charles Deering’s waterfront estate is a hit with nature lovers—mangroves, salt marshes and an Indian burial ground make up its 400-plus acres. Mark your calendars for the annual seafood festival (stone crabs!) and regular music programming.


Miami Beach Botanical Garden



Located right at Miami Beach this garden is a breath of fresh air from the bustling city and beach life. There is right at 3 acres pf lush gardens to enjoy. The edible garden is nice to visit and get some photos of tropical fruit still on the trees.


The Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach


With South Florida having the largest population of Holocaust survivors in America it was a great dedication built in 1984. This is an amazing sculpture of a bronze hand bursting from the world. A chilling and mind awakening site to behold.


Miami Auto Museum


This is no ordinary collection with cars like the Batmobile, and some of James Bonds Aston Martins are in the collection. There are classic collections as well as a Hollywood collection, military, and a motorcycle collection.


The Miami Zoo


Here you can see many different species of animals in their natural habitat. The carousel ride, and water zones make this an attractive place to visit especially if you have kids. There are safari cycle bikes that also adds to the adventure.


Coral Gables and the Venetian Pool


This is a public swimming pool built Venetian style in 1924 by George Merrick. If you want a picture perfect day and location to show your luxurious travel on Instagram with elegant waterfalls then this is absolutely the place.


Coconut Grove Gardens


This is a very nice botanical garden, sitting on 9 acres of well-manicured land. There are hundreds of different species of plants and trees from around the world. With almost 700 trees and 200,000 different plant species it can easily said that this garden is amazing.


The Spanish Monastery


A beautiful ancient Spanish Monastery commemorating the Spanish King Alfonso’s VI victory against the Moors. The stained glass windows are a beautiful addition to the architecture. The building is closed on weekends, and some weekdays as this is a very popular place for weddings.


Cape Florida Lighthouse and State Park


This the oldest lighthouse in Florida, as you enter the Cape Florida State Park, you have to pay a small admission fee, but this allows you to take a guided tour up into the lighthouse. As you reach the top be prepared for a magnificent view and the perfect Instagram moment. After touring the lighthouse enjoy some food or a snack in the park.


Coral Castle Museum


A nice drive would be complimented by stopping by this strange sculpture garden made of coral.



We know for sure this list will certainly give you a lot of things to do outside of the normal beach activities. No doubt Miami Beach will have your jaws hurting from smiling and laughing too much, but Miami does have more than just sun, sand and surf.


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