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Kuala Lumpur by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

This city packs a punch when comes to tourism, with over 12 million visitors per year. This city is in a constant state of development, and only for the better. The Malay people are overly friendly and positive. This city’s population is a boiling pot of culture from deep rooted Chinese history to the beautiful Islamic culture all serving up friendly, helpful and happy smiles.



From Skyscrapers popping up everywhere to the colonial historical buildings, Kuala Lumpur will no doubt please every type of traveler, from back-packers to super high-end luxurious resorts, this city has it all. Are you a nature lover, or a party seeking tourist? Then you no doubt will be mesmerized by choosing this fantastic holiday destination.



The Petronas Twin Towers


This magnificent set of skyscrapers are a must visit and awe inspiring to see. No trip to Kuala Lumpur is complete without visiting the Petronas Towers. The towers are not designed for tourists to enter, but the park in front makes for some outstanding photos to take home. The ground floor of the Petronas Towers is actually a shopping mall that needs to be seen. If it is roof-top restaurants you enjoy then the towers are the place to enjoy the views of the city.



Kuala Lumpur City Center KLCC


The KLCC is a happening place with lots of restaurants modern and sophisticated bars, pubs and coffee shops. The city center is where we like to stay when visiting Kuala Lumpur, it has everything a traveler needs and is central to almost all of the attractions. The rail station is nearby and makes moving about the city a pleasure.



Bukit Bintang Shopping District


This happening city and its in style bars and nightclubs places this area on the map. High end hotels to shopping you will definitely make this stop again. Looking for some live music, or a super authentic Chinese meal? Find it here for sure. This place never sleeps and you can always find something happening here.



The Central Market


This is a shopping mecca and also one not to miss, souvenier, crafts, and shops galore anything you are looking for can be found here. This market was established in 1928 and has grown into one of the cities most visited spots.



Merdeka Square


This is a very important part of the city’s history it is the spot where Malaysia marked its independence in 1957. There are left-over memories from the British Colonial Empire. A must tourist stop to learn about the history of Malaysia.



The National Mosque of Malaysia


This is one of the biggest mosques in SE Asia and can hold up to 15,000 people. The gardens around the mosque are approximately 13 acres. With a mix of modern and old architecture, the minarets are a striking 73 meters tall. There are fountains and pools throughout the complex. A very beautiful mosque and a must visit.



The Thean Hou Temple


Malaysia is famous for having some of the most remarkable and beautiful temples in SE Asia. This is possibly the largest and oldest temples in SE Asia. This is another opportunity see history and take some fantastic photos.



The Sultan Abdul Samad Building


A must see and photograph building with a striking copper dome and clock tower. This was a government office building from the 19th century, the building is beautiful both day and night.





A great place to relax and catch up on the day. Located not far from the Petronas towers is this 50 acre park. A very large fountain shooting up at Symphony Lake is a nice place to chill for a bit. This park has a lot to offer, things to photograph and simply relax.



The National Museum


From contemporary to ancient and prehistoric Malaysia you will find it here. This is the perfect chance to learn about Malaysia as far back as man could possibly date. Learn about the different cultures and ways of life, from Malaysia’s past and present.



Batu Caves


The caves are relatively close to the city center. Many tourists make this a must stop while in Kuala Lumpur. When you arrive near where the caves are located you will see a very big Hindu statue with temples dotted all about, another photo opportunity. Entering the caves is free, you may also want to opt for a guide to learn about the history.



Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


A very well done adventure park with tons of rides, a zoo, and a waterpark. With over 88 acres of all out fun.



The list could simply go on and on, so we will jot in a few places that are must see places while in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park This Tropical Park is spread out over 21 acres, and pulls in a quarter of a million visitors annually. Malaysia Aquaria KLCC it is said that this is one of the largest of its kind in SE Asia housing over 250 types of marine life. Perdana Lake Gardens these gardens are located in the Heritage Park, see many Asian plant species for some great Instagram moments. Chinatown is another must visit area in the city. From shopping the Chinese market to dining on some fantastic Chinese food. Put Chinatown on your must do list.



As you can see Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city. If you have time to explore more of Malaysia by all means do so. Some the most spectacular beaches and islands are not that far away. This is one holiday destination for the record books.


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