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Krabi Thailand by AsiaRoom and Keysme

Krabi is one of Thailand’s southern coastal provinces, and is fruitful in natural wonders. This heavily sought after tourist destination is for pristine glaring white beaches, aqua blue waters, coral reefs, caves waterfalls, and boundless islands seeking travelers.



A major difference between Krabi and the rest of Thailand are the incredible limestone cliffs jutting skyward with a back drop of rice fields. There is no doubt as to why this destination has become so popular with tourist.


Krabi is far less developed than Phuket, but has everything a bustling holiday destination to make your stay fantastic.


One of AsiaRoom’s Team Members has been living in Thailand for 18 years, and boasts so much about Krabi constantly. Once you have visited Thailand you are highly likely going to return.



Traveling to Krabi from Bangkok


Flying into southern Thailand is a snap, there are many local high standard airlines to choose from. There is also an overnight train that is really cool and allows a good night’s sleep if you rent the VIP room. It is also a nice over-night bus ride, the busses are very nice and comfortable. You will have to transfer to another bus once you arrive in Surat Thani.



Accommodations in Krabi


The hotels in Krabi range anywhere from back-packer, guesthouses, boutique hotels, to high-end resorts. There are plenty of places to fit any budget. Check for discounted rates in Krabi.



The Food in Krabi


Being that this beach destination is mostly geared towards tourism, you will pay slightly more for food than other areas of Thailand. A great tip if you are on a budget is to follow the locals. There are literally hundreds of places to eat here from extremely expensive to the roadside stalls and local vendors.



Things to See While in Krabi


This destination is not lacking in beauty and stunning scenery. From Ao Nang take a longtail boat to one of the spectacular island beaches, Railay Beach, or Phra Nang Beach, and another amazing place is Tonsai Beach. The boat rides are unbelievably cheap and you will no doubt be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery. These beaches offer snorkeling, rock climbing, and kayaking to name a few.


Phi Phi Island


It is any easy 1 hour speed-boat ride from Krabi to this amazing island, which is a heavily sought after tourist destination.


Island Hopping


It is very easy and affordable to take an island tour. A full day tour will cover Phranang Cave Beach, Tup Island, Chicken Island, and Poda Island.


Other Activities in Krabi


White water rafting, visiting the elephants, feeding monkeys, visiting the many waterfalls, extreme mountain biking Krabi caters to everyone.



Transportation in Krabi


Rent a mostorbike is very popular among tourists but only do so if you are experienced. Car rental is also readily available if you are not afraid of the steering wheel being on the opposite side, as well as driving on the opposite side of the road.



Seasons to Go to Krabi


Krabi is on the ocean in a tropical climate, there is a time of year that it will rain every day. If rain and monsoon season does not bother you then traveling in low season will be affordable, more quite, but wet. The rain season is between June and November, from November through July it is much better weather but also touristy.


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