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Honolulu, Hawaii by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii with some of the most amazing beaches, cliffs and mountain ranges. Located smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Oahu.



Everyone’s Dream Holiday



Honolulu city is not a large sprawling metropolis, and has so many natural wonders to explore, as well as being able to find yourself a cozy and quite nature spot to relax.



Attractions and Locations


  • Hanauma Bay State Park, Snorkelers paradise, is actually inside of an inactive volcanic cone. This is a nature reserve, and you will be required to watch a short video to enter the park.

  • Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona war memorial. A moment to reflect on the atrocities of war.

  • Diamond-Head Volcano: This dormant volcano is right smack in Honolulu and is considered the best place for scenic views and hiking. Looking down at Honolulu’s breathtaking beaches from the peak is a lifetime dream.

  • Diamond-Head Market: This is a popular stop-off after hiking the volcano, a great place to have some local food and plan your next endeavor.

  • Honolulu China-Town: The fresh produce is everywhere at this busy little market, as in most of Asia’s Chinese markets, you can find some really fabulous authentic Chinese food here. There are also many Hawaiian food restaurants dotted about the market.

  • Oahu Beach: Famous for its surf, and water sports, no worries if you are not a surfer there are many activities that will keep you happy all day.

  • Honolulu Zoo: The zoo is located in Waikiki. This zoo is huge at almost 50 acres. Many native and tropical species are here.

  • Waikiki Aquarium: The aquarium is not that big but is a nice stop-over after the zoo, especially that they are almost adjacent to each other.

  • Waikiki Beach: Waikiki is the main tourist area of the island with skyscrapers and resorts indeed. If your hotel is in another area, it is still perfectly fine to enjoy the beach. There is ample shopping and restaurants in Waikiki also.

  • Iolani Palace: Built in eighteen-seventy-nine is a historical landmark in downtown Honolulu. A beautiful and elegant glance back into Honolulu’s past.

  • Manoa Falls: You will have to walk through a rain forest trail that is stunning to get there, and once you arrive a quick swim in the cool water is invigorating. This is a must see while in Honolulu.



Honolulu Has So Much to Offer



From sailing on a catamaran, to renting a jet ski, as well as every other beach activity one could imagine, it is all here. Rent a scooter to drive around the island. Go to one of the theme parks, or hang out in a remote area and read a book. If you are looking for anything related to a tropical paradise, Honolulu has it all. The nightlife in Honolulu is American style and all out. Luau on the beach, let’s do it.



There are literally dozens of museums in Honolulu, and of course many war memorials to pay tribute to. The shopping is world class, from extravagant to discount. Hike up to the lighthouse in the evening for a very memorable experience with many photo opportunities. This is Hawaii.


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