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Dubai everything You Imagined and More

What drives the economy in Dubai may come as a surprise. Tourism is the driving force that has catapulted Dubai to its world class high standards of service. The Skyscrapers are enormous works of art, and Dubai boasts the world’s tallest building. This being said you can almost imagine the massive amounts of money spent creating this fantastic tourist oriented city.


Things to Do in Dubai

·         The Yard: Enjoy the farmers market, a bake shop, and trails to take a quiet walk, including a lake on premises. A perfect opportunity to take those unique photos.

·         Bowling at The Westin Hotel: This bowling alley serves beer, have a great time with friends on this 44th floor surprise in Dubai.

·         Dubai Safari: As one could imagine huge amounts of money was spent creating this safari. The wild-life safari houses some 2,500 different animals from around the world.

·         Soho Garden: Is the place to see and be seen in Dubai, there are a number of different bars on location, swimming pools, concert stages, restaurants and night-clubs.

·         La Mer Beachfront: more than 100 different shops, and venues are located here, a super nice and beautiful spot to spend the day.

·         Royal Mirage Beach Club: A luxurious private beach with an infinity pool, almost 1 mile of private beachfront, an on location restaurant serving up the best of high-end alcoholic beverages, and cuisines.

·         Dubai Creek: Boasting shopping, dining, and lots of entertainment as well as floating restaurants.

·         Jumble Maze: Get lost in this indoor maze, it seems easy but the facility has created some interesting challenges to get through to the end.


Dubai a World Class Experience


As we have touched on only a few of the fun things to do in Dubai, I think you are beginning to feel the ambience. Sometimes spending a bit more on a holiday is the perfect thing to do, and Dubai is exactly the place to embellish in luxurious fun.


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