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Discover Hanoi, Vietnam's Old Quarter and Rising Sun Bridge


Hanoi is the capital of the country with a strong European influence mixed with Chinese inheritance. The city has a lot of hidden gems, and since I’m staying here for four weeks, I’ve decided to take a slower pace and enjoy one thing a day. However, for everyone visiting few days, most of the attractions are within walking distance.



Old Quarter is one of the main tourist attractions and commercial center for hundreds of years. It has plenty of pagodas, temples, and museums to visit. Walking distance from Old Quarter you'll find Vietnamese Women’s Museum and Hao Lo Prison.




Souvenir shops and clothing shops are on every step. As Old Quarter has a lot of small streets, each of them specialized in selling one particular product. During my walk around the city, I found button street, Jacket Street, and kitchenware street.



The Old Quarter neighborhood is lively, loud and more than anything a unique place which itself is enough to spend few days exploring. However, it is not a typical tourist area with shops and pedestrian zone. Bikes, scooters, rickshaws are all over, and all of them will try to cut your way while crossing the road.

Few adventurous road crossing and a short walk across the red wooden bridge called Rising Sun, I found Turtle Island on the Hoan Kiem Lake.



Turtle Island is known as home to the Ngoc Son Temple, built in the 18th century. It is also home to giant 250kg preserved turtle. To see a giant turtle is a sign of luck, so I hope it will bring me some. Turtle Island offers a calming view of the city and good relaxing spot. The nearby park is an excellent place to take a break and observe everyday life.



After a day of shopping and bargain, it was time to eat. The must try food is Banh Mi Sandwich, and you can find it at almost every corner. For the best Vietnamese food, I follow the simple rule- smaller the chair better the food. Tong Duy Tan Street, nearby Hanoi Railway Station is one of the places where you’ll find tasty and inexpensive food.



Hanoi for sure is one of the cities where you'll find excellent places to relax and enjoy. Just don’t forget the jacket. It can get chilly.



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