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Bangladesh, A Culture of Smiling Faces, You Must See!

A Land of Kind and Welcoming People

The rivers flowing through Bangladesh makes for a very green slice of Asia, as the rivers ascend from the Himalayas, down to the Bay of Bengal, one cannot help but to imagine the history and the lives that have passed through time here. With India on one side and Myanmar on the other, Bangladesh must become a part of your Asian journey.

Festivals and Events in Bangladesh Not to Miss

  • Christmas: Yes, you read that correctly, in this predominantly Muslim country even the government offices close. Some of the Mosques and Churches hold ceremonies during this holiday.
  • Pohhel Boishakh: A vast celebration throughout the country, witness culture shows from all walks of life wearing national attire. You will hear Happy New Year many times during this cultural display of happiness.
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr: A celebration to the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Durga Puja: The largest Hindu Festival in Bangladesh, this event last for about 4 days.


Outdoor Activities.

  • Mountain trekking and hiking: are very popular activities while staying in Bangladesh tour guides are very cheap and accommodating. This is a fantastic opportunity to see and meet the tribal villages.
  • Walking and sight-seeing tours: visit some of the historical sights, and short scenic natural treks, take in the beauty with a casual stroll, tour guides are readily available for the less than bold.
  • Bicycle Riding: A fantastic way to cover more area and see some of the attractions normally you could not cover by walking.
  • Enjoy the lovely Beaches: In Southern Bangladesh enjoy the waves, sun, and salt air. Cox Bazaar is reportedly the largest natural beach in the world. There are also opportunities to visit some remarkably beautiful islands.


Where to Stay and Visa Information

Do bear in mind that this is an impoverished State, you can find accommodations ranging from 5 stars to very low quality. Do research your place before choosing. Visa on Arrival. The government in Bangladesh does make it easier to try and attract more tourists so visa on arrival is possible depending on your nationality. You must show your departure information. It is always best when in doubt to simply get an E-visa to avoid any hassles.



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