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Bandung, Indonesia’s Third Largest City

Why Bandung?

Bandung Indonesia, a city of more than 2 and a half million people, and is less than 100 miles SE of Jakarta. Bandung was a very important city for the Dutch East Indies, and many of the cultural ways and traditions are still thriving today. It has an attraction that only the serious traveler knows exists. Cool ornate restaurants and coffee shops, and we are talking way outrageously cool.

Aside from those superb perks, let’s throw in the stunningly beautiful mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Caves dotted about, and some really fun amusement parks, and wait, there is more, with a mixed historical culture of African, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and British, all stirred together with local and tribal decent, makes Bandung one fun and awesome place to visit. This is a gem of a find in Indonesia and a must visit city.

  • ·         Lambang Floating Market: This market has a mix of culture and food in the perfect atmosphere. It is highly recommended to visit this market upon arrival to take the edge off of your travels. There are lots of shops and restaurants to explore as well as a small museum.
  • ·         Patenggang Lake: The lake is engulfed by tea plantations, has a nice chilled breeze rebounding from the mountains onto the water, a nature buffs ideal spot to chill out for a while. You can even take a boat ride on the lake; exquisitely romantic wouldn’t you say?
  • ·         Grand Mosque of Bandung: Dating back to 1812, this mosque has become a major tourist attraction. There is a great observation area, on both towers, pick one and head up for some great photos and stunning views.
  • ·         Kawah Putih Lake: The volcanic crater lake is so beautiful one simply cannot mentally fathom the depth of its eye candy. The volcano has been dormant since the 1600’s and is part of Patuha Mountain. Here you will need a light jacket, due to the high altitude it does get rather cool. The acidity of the lake gives the appearance of color changes, do not forget your camera in your room for this visit.
  • ·         Tans Studio Theme Park: This theme park is the world’s second largest indoor theme park. A world class theme park with extreme rides as well as some really awesome studios.
  • ·         Chinatown Bandung: Heavily packed with shops and restaurants, and lots of Chinese products at super cheap prices. There are loads of authentic Chinese restaurants as well as local Sudanese food. There is a museum here with ancient Chinese items on display. This market does not accept cash but purchasing is done with a card you can add money to, debit cards are also accepted. Bandung’s largest Buddhist temple is also located in Chinatown and some really awesome picture taking is in store.
  • ·         Cikahuripan River Canyon: The hike to the canyon is rocky and is an adventure in itself. The view from the top of the cliffs are awe inspiring, and a must photo-op. Seeing the river dance through the cliffs is a sit down this a beautiful life kind of moment. If you are into cool mountain swims this a great moment. The water is quite deep in some areas.
  • ·         Tamana Juanda Forest Caves: In historical times the Japanese and the Dutch used the caves as a retreat from attacks. In the caves halls there are fifteen rooms that were used as resting places and jail cells. The Japanese cave is only a few blocks from the Dutch caves so seeing both us easy.
  • ·         Braga Street: This is where you will be able to experience the historical buildings from ancient lore. There are lots of lovely shops in the area, for coffee, food, and ice-cream.
  • ·         Dusun Bambu Park: Sitting on top of a small hill, is this beautiful park, a well-maintained area to picnic or simply lounge for a bit. The park is very big and includes a host of things to do sort of theme park like.
  • ·         Dago Dream Park: A Balinese styled theme park situated atop Lembang Hill. This park is a must visit while in Bandung.

Bandung is a city flying under the must-see tourist’s radar. There are just too many places to see and things to do to list them all. From ziplines to hiking the adventure trail is endless. This city is well known for its hipster and themed restaurants, decorated in in imaginative ways not thought possible. The people are multicultural and very friendly.

Booking a Room in Bandung is easy, and the rates are very inexpensive. Another reason to visit amazing Indonesia.

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