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A Few Days in Berlin Germany by Asiaroom and

The capital city of Germany with its’ less than perfect history is now thriving and one of the most sought after destinations in Germany. It is impossible to see and do this city in a short amount of time; however, having a wonderful time is do-able.



Berlin is stocked up on fantastic boulevards with fantastic pubs restaurants and places to enjoy between the attractions. The beer is one of the highlights during your short stay trust me on this one. A must try is the shish kebobs and a quite handy snack to get you through the day.



Should You Wander Around or Hire A Guide?


Seeing the sites with a guide is highly recommended, they know where to go and what to see. Of course, you can wander around and try doing it solo but believe me paying a guide will save you time and money in the long run.



Transportation in Berlin


It is well known to get the Welcome Card in Berlin. The welcome card will save you a lot of money. With this card, you will receive discounts on public transportation, all of the major monuments. These Welcome Cards are available for 1 day and up to one week. A 3-day Welcome card will cost you about 30 Euro and is well worth it.



A Short List of Sites in Berlin


• Bebelplatz and Brandenberg Gate here you can see the most famous street in Berlin named Unter den Linden. This famous street connects to the famous Brandenberg Gate. If seeing the Palaces seems like fun this is the spot. A must see is the Holocaust Memorial. The world famous Check Point Charlie from the cold war is also a moving site to see.


• One of the best ways to see Berlin is the Boat Tour, this two and a half hour tour will take you along the Spree River. Sites to see on this tour boat is the Bellevue Palace, the Berlin Cathedral, and the Island Museum.


• The Pergamon Museum is the museum that houses Berlins most historic treasures.


• The Alte National Gallery If it is art you want to see this is the most popular museum to visit.


• The Reichstag Building This should be one of your top things to do while in Berlin. Here you will find the best views of Berlin and time for some fantastic photos. The lawn at the Reichstag Building is a super neat spot for a rest and something to drink, and German foods.


• The Berlin Wall there is not much left of the wall and for the German people with good reasons. So here is your chance to see and take some photos of the wall famous worldwide.


• The TV Tower Berlin the restaurant at the top is wonderful and romantic. The views are stunning and a great chance for an Instagram moment.


• Schloss Charlottenburg Prussian Palace this palace was built in the 17th century. Time for more photos most especially the gardens.


• Potsdamer Platz Here is the best spot to see, eat and drink. You will no doubt agree once there.


There you have a sort stay packed with really cool things to see and do. Berlin is a magical city we are certain you will enjoy the food and beer between the stops.


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