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Magical Las Vegas, the city of lights and celebrations on a grand scale. With so many casinos onboard, it is easy to imagine the money that has been put into this magical city. You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy the audacity this city has to offer.



Asia to Las Vegas Nevada


During the festive season Las Vegas becomes a city of wonder. Decorations, and the holiday spirit rolls into full swing. This is the city to imagine, experience and do until you are laden with pleasure.


The Holiday Season in Las Vegas Nevada


The most decorative times begin in October as Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas New Year, and the miraculous Chinese New Year, Vegas rolls out the red carpet and party central is born.



New Years in Las Vegas


The money spent on fireworks for both American New Year, and the Chinese New Year’s is phenomenal, and displays of color, boom and countdown are felt over the entire city.


It is beyond imagination to think you may have the opportunity to go ice skating in the desert of Las Vegas, but the fact is you can, and most certainly will return home with some fabulous photos as proof you did so.



The World Class Shopping Malls


Las Vegas goes all out for shopping and our Asia travelers report back that Vegas has the best they have ever seen. Our Asia lovers seem to have taken over the place. The restaurants, casinos, parks, gardens, and fun parks make Las Vegas Nevada the holiday experience of a lifetime. The nightclubs and dancing seems to go on until the next day, so be sure to pack those sexy dancing clothes first.


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