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Istanbul Turkey by AsiaRoom and Keys.me

Istanbul is considered the bridge between Asia and Europe. Istanbul’s history is quite fascinating, especially the Roman Byzantine era. With a mix of modern and old this city holds a whopping extreme holiday experience.


Istanbul is located on two sides of the Bosphorus Strait, between the Black and Marmara Seas. Istanbul is considered the largest city in Europe with a population close to 20 million.


Where to Visit?


  • Night life: The Galata district has the vast majority of restaurants bars and pubs, Discotheques and live music venues.

  • Princes Islands: There are 9 islands total, a fantastic break from the big city. There are no vehicles on the islands which makes for a very pleasant quiet getaway.

  • Eastern Istanbul: This is considered the Asian district of Istanbul and quite a contrast can be noticed here. The neighborhoods are very pleasant and quaint.

  • The Old City: Sultanahmet is the location of the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. This is where the vast majority of ancient sites are located.

  • CBD: Also known as the New City as its name infers is where the modern skyscrapers and shopping malls are located.

  • Bosphorus: Here you will want to bring your camera, as there are palaces, parks and some really elaborate architecture on the beach front.

  • Turkish Bath (Hamam): There is an ancient tradition in Istanbul, there is at least one historical Hamam in every district of Istanbul. This is a must do for any traveler. It is recommended doing so the day of arrival. A guarantee is that you will return a few times before your departure.

  • Smoke a Hookah Pipe: The best places to try this historical experience is in Yeniceriler Caddesi close to the Grand Bazaar.

  • Sinan Pasha Complex: This is the tourist information center for Istanbul, it will be very helpful In determining the places you would like to visit. The center is housed in a 400 year old building which is quite impressive and photo worthy.

  • Museums: The Haghia and Topkapi museums are the most noteworthy of all.

  • Theodosian Walls: The ancient walls dating back to four hundred and eight AD is one of the must see attractions in Istanbul. These were the defensive walls for the Roman Empire and a fantastic site to see.


Getting Around Istanbul


If you are adventurous you may try the public transportation system. The system is quite extensive however and can be very confusing, and is not really recommended. If your bus rides are short then it can be easy to navigate. Avoiding taxis at all costs is also recommended. It is recommended to take the private minivan services called dolmus. These are most especially recommended at night. The vans will be parked in designated areas, and once the van is full off you go. The dolmus do follow assigned routes.



Nightlife in Istanbul


Nightlife in Istanbul is world famous. The Beyoglu area is well known and very popular with travelers. Here you will find restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos. Many of the bars in this area have nightly live music.



Where to Stay


One of the highest concentrations of world standard hotels is located in the Harbiye District. This is the center of the new city and is located on the European side of Istanbul. In Harbiye you can find apartments, hotels, and hostels, from high-end to budget. If you are looking to stay in the old city on the European side of Istanbul, Sultanahmet is the center of the old city and the types of accommodations range from medium range to low budget. The high-end and five star accommodations are located near the airport.


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