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Abu Dhabi by Keys.me and AsiaRoom

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Located on an island in the Persian Gulf. This highly advanced city was once inhabited by the Bani-Yas people, and maintained it as a fishing village in the mid seventeen-hundreds.



High Tech and Designed With the Tourist in Mind


Abu Dhabi is a destination of a lifetime, and has so much to offer, from Yas Island, one of the top hotel and beach resort areas in Abu Dhabi, to desert Oasis dotted all about. This modern world class tourist spot hosts so many things to do, we are sure it will leave you mesmerized.



Things to Do In Abu Dhabi



  • Museums:


  1. Zayed National Museum: This museum is located on Saadiyat Island, also featuring cultural and performing arts, this is a must stop for the arts and history buffs.

  2. Al Ain Palace Museum: Located in Al Ain City hosts one of the most ancient and beautiful historical sites of Abu Dhabi, all of the fort interiors have been kept in their original states.

  3. Al Ain National Museum: Housing stone aged artifacts. The exhibits here are displayed in world class museum style.


  • Forts, Palaces, and Castles:


  1. Al Murayjib Fort: This is the oldest dated fort in Al Ain, and is said have been built in the early nineteenth century.

  2. Mezyad Fort and Castle: This is likely the largest of the castles in Abu Dhabi, noted for its stunning scenery and views.

  3. Al Jahili Fort: This fort was constructed by the armed forces, and offers a glimpse into the unique architecture of the military.

  4. The Sultan Fort: This fort has been completely restored and offers a back in time glimpse of life in the early twentieth century.

  5. Qasr Al Hosn Palace: This palace dates back to the eighteenth century with lots of history and fables be told.



  • Islands of Abu Dhabi:


  1. Al Reem Island: Lots of new development on this island from commercial to housing, local restaurants and shops.

  2. Dalma Islands: there are eight islands in the area, only 2 of the islands are designated for development, the remaining islands are preserved and uninhabited.

  3. Saadiyat Island: Heavily developed with loads of government spending.

  4. Yas Islands: There are a total of 200 islands, the government has designated these island areas for high end tourism and development.




Theme Parks, Boating, Zoos, and Water parks


Ferrari World theme Park, is about as high-end as the name implies. Top rides and attractions are abound here, one can even drive a fast car.


Taking in the sight of Abu Dhabi from the sea is romantic and breathtaking all in the same moment. Go island hopping, or take a small cheaper boat out for a quick bobble around. The snorkeling off of Abu Dhabi is rich and rewarding.


Yas Water-World this theme park is huge and offers close to every water-sport and ride known to man. This a spot to spend the entire day with family.


A great place to take the little ones is the Emirates zoo, lots of really unique animals for the tots to be awed by.



Where to Stay


For the budget traveler there really are not many cheap hotels or hostels in Abu Dhabi; however if you are willing to travel in off season there are great discounts on hotels in the low seasons. Luxury hotels are abound in this magnificent city. The hotels that are about mid-range priced are a good option if super high-end is not what you are looking for.


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