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        Iva Vigan

Tanah lot temple is beautiful temple less than 30 minutes North of Canggu. Tanah Lot temple is located on the rock in the sea. For a low tide time, you can cross small path and walk to the temple.

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Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Iva Vigan


Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach. Photo by Iva Vigan


Looking at the pictures of Canggu village two years ago you can see it was just a small village with the main road, few coffee shops, and local food restaurants. A majority of tourist visiting Bali stayed in Kuta, Denpasar or Seminyak and Ubud. Canggu is still not on the map as it has no big five-star hotels and luxury spa retreats. However, Canggu has something other places don’t have. It has miles of the beach made just for surfers. And Canggu has relaxed people not stressing about, well, pretty much anything. Now, two years after, surf shops, specialty coffee shops, and healthy organic food restaurants are all over the village. The number of visitors is growing, but the village still has its charm.


Batu Balong and Echo Beach

Most of the tourist visiting Canggu are there for one and only reason- surfing. Batu Balong and Echo Beach are places where all of the action is happening. Every day in the morning and before the sunset, dozens of motorbikes with attached surfboard cruise down to the beach. Batu Balong and Echo Beach are not only the surf places, but they are also party beaches. It is nothing fancy, but you’ll always have a fun night and few cold beers.


Around the Canggu

There is a lot of things to do around the Canggu village. You don’t have to take an entire day or organized tour. Renting a motorbike is a cheap option, and you can visit a lot of places.


Driving around the island and going a bit of the main road you’ll find beautiful scenes, flooded rice fields and locals harvesting the rice.

Canggu is not only famous as surf paradise, but it is also known as yoga sanctuary. Canggu has few yoga retreats offering yoga classes, accommodation, and delicious food.


Rice Field

Canggu village rice fields. Photo by Iva Vigan


For everyone who can’t decide whether to party or relax, Canggu is a great place as it allows you both. And still, you can see kids playing on the streets and cows walking down the road. It is still a small village waiting to be fully discovered.


About The Author

Iva Vigan

Iva Vigan

is a freelance content writer. She loves writing about travel and food. Iva is currently living nomad life in Asia.
She started her writing and nomad career after leaving office job and rainy Ireland. You can follow her on Instagram on viganiva or
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