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Sri Lanka is all you could ask if you’re look for a relaxing place with sand beaches, fresh food and people so kind and helpful you will feel ashamed. Just remember to have at least ten days to visit. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me - skipping some of the most famous spots like Sigiriya stone and tea plucking experience. But you will have fun swimming with giant turtles and eating fresh fish curry.

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Kandy City in central province. Photo by Iva Vigan


Getting around Sri Lanka is challenging. For a distance of 120km, it takes 3 hours, and roads are not the best you've seen. Trains are the most popular way of transportation for locals and tourists. The main train line is the one between cities of Colombo and Matara. Another alternative to travel from north to south is bus. The only downside is driving style. Bus drivers are known for crazy driving. I found trains more relaxing experience. Also, you will never get bored, as locals will always want to have a chat with you, ask you where are you from and share recommendations.


Sri Lanka,Galle Road

Galle Road view from the trian. Photo by Iva Vigan


Sri Lanka is a diverse island with hill tops in the central area and surfing beaches on the coast. For an island size of Sri Lanka, there is indeed a lot to see and do.


Must visit beaches

If you’re looking for a beach vacation and not so much of planning, villages down the coast are the best choice. Hikkaduwa, Galle, and Mirissa are top spots for surfing and swimming. Hikkaduwa has a turtle sanctuary and center. However, you can go to the Turtle Beach at sunset, and you’ll find them swimming just next to you. Swimming with giant turtles in their natural habitat is an incredible experience.


Sri Lanka,Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Hikkaduwa. Photo by Iva Vigan


Mirissa, Weligama, Matara are all neighborhood villages and easy to get to. Take Tuk-tuk, a popular way of getting around those villages and beaches. Visit the beaches in the area, and maybe organize a whale watching tour. You can enjoy seeing these magnificent creatures from a boat just a few meters away.


Fresh fish every day

Visit Sri Lanka would not be complete without tasting fresh fish, especially crab. You can find crabs, lobsters and white fish, all fresh catch at every corner, and for a fraction of the price paid in other countries. If you want to treat yourself and finish vacation in style, check restaurants in Colombo in Old Dutch Hospital. No matter what type of vacation you have in mind when visiting Sri Lanka, I am sure you’ll start planning your return trip even before you leave the country.

Sri Lanka,Fish dinner

Fish dinner (5.50$US). Photo by Iva Vigan

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Iva Vigan

Iva Vigan

is a freelance content writer. She loves writing about travel and food. Iva is currently living nomad life in Asia.
She started her writing and nomad career after leaving office job and rainy Ireland. You can follow her on Instagram on viganiva or
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